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Learn How Self-Empowered Leaders Get Things Done
Despite Pressing Demands and Constant Interruptions!

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Become and Remain
The Leader Everybody Trusts and Respects!
Join The Leadership Development Programmes That You Need to Grow Your Career and Business!

Gain Clarity

Do you feel like you could take  your career and your business to the next level 
if you had more clarity about your goals?
At the Self-Empowerment Leadership Institute, we will help you gain clarity about
your purpose and what really matters to you.

Take Action

How further ahead could you have been
by now if you were more decisive
and consistent in your actions?

At the Self-Empowerment Leadership Institute, you will enjoy the support of like-minded leaders in order to get things done.

Get Results

Do you feel like you are always in motion
but never getting anywhere? 
Are You Fulfilled by Your Actions? 

At the Self-Empowerment Leadership Institute, we will help you be successful doing meaningful work and living a meaningful life. 


Monthly Masterclass


Learn How To Become The Leader Everybody Trusts and Respects

Once of month, you will receive a world class leadership training and coaching session to reach higher levels of confidence, success and fulfilment at work and in life. 
You don't have to worry about missing a session as you get access to the replay too!

One Day Workshop


How to Stop Procrastinating and Get Things Done
Despite Pressing Demands and Constant Interruptions?

Your Time is Limited. Use It Wisely!
During this one-day workshop, we will help you identify the factors that prevent you from managing your time effectively and give you proven strategies to increase your productivity by 10X!

One Day Workshop


How to Make Better Decisions
Despite Uncertainties, and Internal and External Pressures?

It's in our moments of decision that our destiny is shaped!
This one-day workshop is designed to help you make better decisions and implement them successfully despite uncertainties and pressures.

One Day Workshop


How to Avoid Pitfalls and Be Successful in Your New Role!

Have you been promoted recently or are you about to change role? Are there changes in your reporting line or in your organisation's systems and processes that impact the expectations of your role? You don't get a second chance to make a first impression, but you can make the next 90 days, your best ever yet!
This one-day workshop is designed to help you develop a plan to secure early wins, build strong relationships and be successful during YOUR NEXT 90 DAYS and beyond.

12 Week Mastermind


Brainstorm with Like-Minded Leaders to Avoid Being Overwhelmed in Your Leadership Role and Secure The Success You Deserve!

Join a supportive and exclusive community of like-minded leaders through which you will gain new ideas and insights, receive high value feedback, and enjoy priceless support in developing strategies to avoid being overwhelmed in your leadership role. 
Being in our mastermind group will help you think bigger and stretch beyond your boundaries, while being surrounded by amazing people doing amazing things. 
You will receive the tailored support you need to achieve your most important goal of the next 90 days.

Productivity Workshop

Self-Empowered Leaders Secrets

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Finance for Non-Finance Leaders Workshop

Self-Empowered Leaders Secrets

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"Understanding my enablers will truly be the game-changer in me gaining clarity! 
I love how you broke it all down.
Thank you so much for this gift."

Dr Laila Hishaw
Pediatric Dentist, Author
"We must take full responsibility
and focus on what you can control.
We are the captains! I'm starting to feel more empowered, this is great!"

Terri Wade
Business Strategist and Marketing Coach
"I experienced it the last 2 days... Indeed, the morning routine is special... I felt more energized, goal driven... I am pleasantly surprised... Thank you Max!"

Marie Annick
Risks and Collections


#1: Sign Up

Join a COMMUNITY of high achievers and find the support you need to ACHIEVE your goals!

#2: Practise With Discipline

Learn and practise proven strategies to 10X your growth in your Career and your Business!

#3: Lead With Confidence

Build Confidence and become the Leader Everybody Trusts and Respects!

Meet Your Self-Empowerment Leadership Coach

Maxime Yao (Max) is the Founder of the Self-Empowerment Leadership Institute, an education business dedicated to helping corporate executives and entrepreneurs across the world develop their leadership skills and grow their career and business. 

Max is an experienced CFO and Business Leader with a unique career that began 23 years ago with PricewaterhouseCoopers and grew consistently through various Finance roles with increasing levels of responsibility within leading companies including General Electric, Honeywell, United Technologies and Otis. He worked and lived in the Ivory Coast, France, Switzerland and the UK, and travelled across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and North America. 

Max is passionate about leadership and high performance. He developed the Self-Empowerment Leadership framework and wrote several articles on Leadership. He is a powerful motivational speaker and an active supporter of children's education charities in the UK and in the Ivory Coast.

Max and his wife Edwige are the proud parents of one daughter and two sons. They all currently live in London, England.

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